“The excellent engine of this Synamatix software fits the need of many groups.”

- Senior Bioinformatician
  Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, UK

“Clearly structuring a database to take advantage of highly similar sequences is an excellent thing to do. Increasingly, users will be working within a set of closely related sequences while most existing tools do not assume any relationship among the stored sequences.”
- Senior Scientist
  National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), USA

“Nice display. Best database I have used. VERY impressed with your database engine. This is a good reason to invest in specialized databases.”
- Professor of Biochemistry
  University of Melbourne, Australia

“SynaBASE will enable us to cross analyse at genome to genome level quickly and iteratively… we will finally be able to conduct analysis at the throughput we need.”
- Head of Bioinformatics
  Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“I am impressed by the performance of your system, 3 minutes for a comparison between two (human) chromosomes… I know no one has done this before.”
- Head of Database Development
  Leading UK Genome Institute