Customised Bioinformatics Software Development
The current phase of technology and product development is heavily focused on developing customised bioinformatics software. This software is specially designed for addressing the management and analysis of data from next-generation DNA sequencers, and application of the processed data towards personalised medicines, drug discovery and crop enhancement.

SynaBASE is a novel database platform which finds and stores "unique sequence patterns" rather than fixed length indices. The core technology and IP underlying most of Synamatix’s software is SynaBASE. SynaBASE is a proprietary structural network system, which efficiently finds unique sequence patterns and stores them in a dynamic pattern-network architecture. Hence, sequence data can be stored in a meaningful format, whereby the co-relationships and positioning of each unique sequence pattern are maintained. As a result, applications built upon the SynaBASE platform exhibit significant improvements in analysis, in terms of scalability, sensitivity and performance. Typically, applications harnessing the SynaBASE structure have been shown to offer performance advantages of between 100 and 10,000 fold.

Bioinformatics Pipelines
One of Synamatix’s key focus is developing integrated and comprehensive pipelines for large-scale bioinformatics projects involving data management, mapping, mining, analysis, assembly and annotation.