2 April 2010
Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad Launches US$4000 Human Genome Bioinformatics Service
12 June 2009
Synamatix Partners with PREMAS Biotech to Deliver Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics Services to India
12 May 2009
Sime Darby Makes Important Discovery in Oil Palm Genome
12 May 2009
454 Sequencing Systems Enable High Quality De Novo Assembly of Oil Palm Genome
24 September 2008
Synamatix partners with GeneWorks to deliver next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics support for key research institutions in Asia and Australia
6 August 2008
Synamatix Joins Illumina Connect Software Support Program to Provide Integrated Bioinformatics Solutions for the Genome Analyzer
24 June 2008
Synamatix announces SynaWorks, its next-generation sequencing bioinformatics solutions programme
16 January 2008
Universiti Malaysia Sabah Biotechnology Research Institute partners with Synamatix to implement best-of-breed bioinformatics solutions
7 November 2007
Synamatix Announces Collaboration with Emory University on Small RNA Based Brain Disease Studies
7 May 2007 - PRNewswire
454 Life Sciences and Malaysia Genomics Resource Centre Announce a Genomics Collaboration to Advance Microbial and Medical Research in Asia
24 April 2007
Synamatix Announces Release of Bioinformatics Solutions for Second Generation Sequencers
5 April 2007
Universiti Industri Selangor Partners with Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Sdn Bhd in a Bioinformatics Research and Collaboration Initiative
22 January 2007
Synamatix Announces Release of SynaMer™ - A High-Speed Genome Read Processing Application
3 April 2006
Synamatix announces licensing of SynaBASE to Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
19 January 2006 - Bio-IT World
Synamatix Touts Analysis Speed with Intelligent Database
25 October 2005
HP Powers 'My Genomics Resource Centre'
8 September 2005
My Genomics Resource Centre (MGRC) licenses Synamatix Technologies to Beatson Institute for Cancer Research (UK)
27 June 2005
Synamatix Subsidiary, Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre (MGRC), Goes Live!
June 2005 - Genome Technology
Salary surveys, genetic discrimination bills, and sequence analysis
28 March 2005 - BioInform
Toolkit: Looking to ‘$1,000 Genome', Synamatix Launches FragBase Assembly Module
8 March 2005
Malaysian Company Synamatix, speaks at the Internationally Acclaimed UK Bioinformatics Forum on Successful Strategies in Bioinformatics
28 October 2004 - CNETAsia
Malaysia shoots for standards in life sciences
20 October 2004
Launch of Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Sdn Bhd and the Establishment of Malaysia's First Global Centre for Bioinformatics Benchmarking in the MSC
1 June 2004 - Genome Technology
Databases Synamatix stores pattern data
3 May 2004 - BioInform
Synamatix Offers Comparative Genomics Shortcut via Pattern-Aware Database
13 April 2004
Synamatix Releases the World’s 1st Ultra High-throughput Platform for Comparative Whole Multi-Genome Analysis
August 2003 - Computerworld
Aiming for a suite spot
28 July 2003 - Technology, The Star
New structure for genetic sequence data
17 June 2003 - In Tech
HP Servers for Genetic Solution
5 June 2003 - The Star
HP and Intel see potential in the life sciences market
4 June 2003 - Reuters
Synamatix expects to Market Genetic Database Solution Next Year